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The Young Professional Commission

The Young Professional Commission (YP-Com), formed in 2006, is dedicated to the career development of PIANC Young Professionals (YPs) members (40 years of age and younger) locally, nationally and globally. It is important to highlight that YP-Com is comprised of delegates from PIANC’s National Sections and Qualifying Members - more than 30 countries are reflected in our current membership.

What we do

YP-Com focus is encouraging YPs to get involved in the technical and networking aspects of PIANC. Opportunities in PIANC for Young Professionals include networking through meetings and events, experience on technical Working Groups, and education with technical visits and scholarship opportunities dedicated to YPs.

On the international level these include:

  • Networking Events at PIANC Conferences
  • Technical Visits to Unique Navigation Infrastructure Works
  • Participation on PIANC Technical Commissions & Working Groups

In addition to Principal and the two Alternate Delegate positions into our Commission for each PIANC National Section, YPs can also be an observer on any PIANC Commission, or directly being involved in a PIANC technical Working Group to elaborate our PIANC reports (each country member is entitled to appoint at least one YP in a Working Group).
Moreover, National Section YP groups also arrange a wide array of YP designated events at national level including meetings, technical tours, social gatherings, conferences, among other activities to develop your career.

Download our PIANC YP-Com & DPWA Flyer

Young Professional

PIANC Young Professional Award

Young Professional authors and presenters at the PIANC 4-yearly Congresses have the opportunity to register for the PIANC YP Award.
The YP Award is given for outstanding technical paper and presentation and consists of money prizes of € 1,000, € 500 and € 250 for the top three scores. Click here for more information.